Wicked Fabrications Pty Ltd t/a Wicked Fabrications & Engineering offer the following Terms of Trade & Supply.
Quoted Works:  A 50% Deposit is required before commencement of any works.
ALL ACCOUNTS ARE TO BE PAID IN FULL WITHIN 7 DAYS (Unless prior arrangements have been made).
We offer 7 days to our customers to make payment as a” Courtesy”.  Please do not take advantage of this.
Purchase Orders:  Wicked Fabrications & Engineering are happy to accept Company “Purchase Orders”, however: if an estimate or quote is provided for these works, then a 50% deposit is still required.
NO works will be commenced until we receive a signed Work Order or an authorized Company Purchse Order.
Payment terms can be extended to 30 days after EOM for associated Companies if necessary and prior arrangements have been approved by Wicked Fabrications Pty Ltd.
Overdue Fees /Late Penalties:  Will be applied at the consumer’s expense to “all” outstanding expenses.
A 5% finance fee WILL be applied to all accounts which exceed our trading terms.  Additional fees may be applied if we need to recruit debt collection agencies to recover monies owed.
A copy of our Terms & Conditions are available here on our website or upon request.
By providing Wicked Fabrications Pty Ltd with a “Purchase Order”, written, verbal confirmation to proceed with works, or by making a deposit payable to Wicked Fabrications Pty Ltd, the consumer / customer (herein known as “you”) agree to abide by Wicked Fabrications Pty Ltd Terms of Trade & Supply.