Wicked Fabrications & Engineering now stock and supply SARCA anchors. 


Come in and see us so that we can assist you to make the right choice about your next anchor purchase.

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"Best anchor I’ve ever had; previously had a CQR and Delta on my current boat but the Sarca Excel easily surpasses both. I’ve a 22Kg on a Voyager 1040 power cat. Drop the anchor and once it hits bottom with only an extra metre or two of chain it is already starting to dig in. Been in blows of 40+ Knots and a number of tide changes and it has remained fast. Soft and hard sand, mud and shale make no difference. A stress free night at anchor is assured. Wicked Fabrications provided a professional, personalised and prompt service to ensure the correct set-up of the anchor was achieved."


Bob K Voyager Power Cat